Summertime Casual Wardrobe & Montreal Jazz Bar

Similar to my everyday casual style during the summer.

I plan on buying this dress as soon as I am back in the city. Absolutely love it!

Latest Obsession: Neutral eyes, Volumized curls

I am a huge fan of the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Every year, I search through Google images for make-up inspiration and hair styling ideas. To me, the stylists and make-up artists backstage are geniuses. The make-up is usually pretty understated: dark smokey eyes or neutral, and the hair is effortless: bouncy curls that look incredibly natural.

Now, we all know that a LOT of work goes into making the models look even more gorgeous than they already are. That "effortless beauty" look requires probably a dozen artists for hair and make-up. (Note the picture of a all of the hair extensions...goodness.) But nonetheless, that's how the models appear: effortlessly beautiful.

I'm going to be starting a series of videos dedicated to recreating the hair and make-up from the VS shows over the past few years, so if you have any specific requests or photos, please leave a comment below!