Get the Look: Victoria's Secret 2007 Runway Hair Tutorial


  1. I really love this tutorial. Which mac eyeshadow would you recommed as a replacement of the nyx deep charcoal?

    I ask the same questions in the comments of your video :)... I live in Quebec and it's a bit difficult for me to find NYX shadows..

    thank you in advance :)

  2. this was a great tutorial! you're one of my favorite gurus :)

  3. Fantastic tutorial!! Going to give it a go with my HeadKandy extensions too.

    The smell of that hairspray gives me a headache!

  4. @Stealing Beauty I think I replied to this on the video, but just in case I didn't! I'd suggest Knight Divine by MAC :) Ps. I live in Quebec too!! Well, for 8 months of the year haha.

    @Catherine Thank you so much!! <3 <3

    @Sarah Thanks girl! Yeah, it gives me a headache too unfortunately. But the price was good! haha I hope you're doing well - I feel like it has been ages since we spoke! <3

  5. i love your homepage <3