Summertime Make-up Storage

Hi everyone !

While I'm at home I was trying to figure out a way to organize the make-up I brought home with me from my apartment...I finally found a lighting & storage solution! (This is also where I have filmed my most recent videos.)

Video will be coming soon!

The plastic storage containers are from Walmart - the tall one was about $30; the two small containers under the desk were about $12-15. The desk is a "writing table" from Canadian Tire. The lighting is also from Walmart. I only have one light turned on, but they are the GE (General Electric) Bright Stik (actually spelled without the c for some reason...) florescent lights (one on either side of the mirror - learned about them from Petrilude/Josh!)



  1. looks so cute with the curtains and all! looking forward to the video!

  2. love the big mirror! so this is your new setup?