Lipgloss Obsession: JACOB Beauty

Yesterday afternoon I ventured into a Jacob lingerie store to do some browsing. As I carted my purchases up to the cash register to pay, I saw three of the most gorgeous-looking glosses sitting on the counter.

The cashier told me that they were offering a new "Beauty" deal -- buy one beauty product, get the other 50% off.

The glosses were $10 each, and STUNNING
. So, the beauty-holic in me of course jumped for the deal.

The colours I chose were Bella & Donna. Bella is a gorgeous light pink, while Donna is a light sheer coral. Of the two Donna is certainly my favourite because I have never EVER found a colour like this!

The best part? Paraben free, 95% natural and 100% natural colour!

Here are the shades they offer:

I am a really picky lipgloss-purchaser. So the fact that I love these glosses is pretty exciting! I'm hoping to go back in a few weeks and pick up a couple of back-ups.

The consistency is very light, not sticky at all, and provides just the right amount of colour. It's sheer enough to look fresh and not too "made-up", yet still adds a nice tint to your lips and makes them super shiny!

Have you tried these? What did you think!?

To visit the JACOB website, click here.

Note for all you international beauties: This is a Canadian company, and there are only JACOB stores in Canada unfortunately :(

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  1. Jacob lipgloss???? who knew!!
    I've glanced at them a few times because the colors are sooo pretty, but I thought they are probably just useless.
    Thanks for the review.. I can't wait to get my paws on them.